Protect Yourself From Recurring Running Injuries


Injuries are the biggest obstacle any runner faces, and during a long-distance competitive run like a marathon, I’d advise you be extra-careful to ensure old wounds don’t flare up.

Some things you can keep in mind before the big race:

The right biomechanics This means running with good posture, correcting the wrong muscle and joint articulation within a particular movement, anatomical issues etc. Keeping the torso straight , not arching your lower back, landing mid foot forward, swinging your arms, landing lightly with knee slightly bent, etc are good techniques to be followed to prevent injuries.

The right kind of footwear Choosing the wrong kind of footwear is one of the most common reasons for running injuries.

Strength workouts Ensure your body is prepared for the rigour of a race by doing the right kind of strength workouts essential to build stronger muscle and joint structure to support the intensity of activity. See our previous post for more on that.

Most injuries heal, as long as you stay off your feet through the pain and irritation. A routine of rehab exercises is highly recommended to strengthen the affected muscle and supporting musculature as well. Proper rest and icing are required to keep the injury in check. Stretching, strengthening, pressure point massages etc must be attended to prevent relapse of the injury.

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