The Flexitarian Diet


​I really wanted to start eating a more plant-based diet, but wasn’t fully ready to give up some of my favorites: chicken, fish and cheese. But I’ve also never been great at cooking or thinking of good food combinations to make healthy meals. I tried signing up for a food subscription service but it got to be too expensive and to be honest, the recipes they sent me were delicious, but too heavy. I felt like they didn’t have a great balance to them and I did want to lose weight.

​So just for fun, I was reading a review on this meal plan app that customizes meal plans for you. I thought it would be very basic, but i was impressed by the questions they were asking me when I initially filled out the form on their website. I liked that they even had a “goal weight” section for me to fill in, meaning that I could choose to keep my weight and just eat healthy without risk of gaining. (but obviously, I wanted to lose a little bit ;) )

​The meals on the meal plan are mostly easy to cook, and the ingredients they call for are all easy to find. The food also seems affordable, but the vegetarian options could be a bit less… eggy. I don’t like eggs that much and since they seem to come up a lot in the meal plan (especially the breakfast) it means I either need to get used to them or I’ll have to be a bit creative and swap out for other meals. The flavor combinations are also unlikely sometimes, but they work. I’ve so far enjoyed most of the meals, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this can do for my food budget and my body and energy.

​One thing to note, there aren’t many snacks in the meal plan and I wish there were. I love to snack and feel that it’s hard to think of healthy and filling snack options made from clean ingredients. I wish they would include low carb cracker or keto muffin recipes or something.

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